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How to differentiate Real Leather or Immitation Leather
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How to differentiate Real Leather or Immitation Leather

It is very hard to tell the difference between real leather and fake leather but here are some techiniques you can use:

1. Real Cow Leather in general has smells. Because it is taken off from real animal, it is not that easy to take off the smells 100%. So when you shop for leather sofas you can smell the leather swatch or leather couch itself to determine whether it is leather or not.

2. Real leather has leather fibers at back. Lots of people get confused by Real Leather and Bonded Leather. In fact, bonded leather is man made leather mixed with real leather. The percentage of the leather fiber in bonded leather is different from 17% to 100%. When you touch the back of real leather, you will have a smooth feel but when you touch the back part of bonded leather, it feels like plastic and most leather fiber of bonded leather's color is yellow.

3. Wave Look. If you press the real leather and release it, it will show pattern like wave. Fake leather in general won't show.

4. Another way to tell the difference is by tearing. You can try to tear the leather swatch and you will feel resistance and it is not that easy to tear off. If you try to tear fake leather, then it won't have the same resistance you will feel through real leather and it is easy to rip.

In gernal, the best idea is to use your nose. If the leather has no smell then either it is the best of the best Italian leather otherwise it is fake one.
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