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 Modern bedroom, Leather Sectionals, Living room furniture, Dining sets, Sectional sofa, TV Stands, Modern Coffee Tables

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Frequent Asked Questions

Why you should buy from us?
  • Delivery Time: We have warehouse in Canada so all stock products will be delivered in 3 - 5 business days not 2 - 3 weeks.

  • Best Value: Because we own our factory, our prices should be very competitive in the market. One thing you have to keep in mind, we offer Free shipping in Canada which means we will give you 600$ - 1000$ discount on shipping. We will pay extra money to double wrap your furniture on pallet before shipping to minimize the chance for shipping damage. If you buy more, we will offer you package discount to save you more money.

  • Free Shipping:  We offer Free delivery service to your door if your purchasing amount is larger than 2000$ and you live in a major city in Canada.   ( Actual shipping cost may be about 600$ and up depending on how many items you will order and where you are located. We will pay that to appreciate your business so don't just look at the prices of furniture but also the shipping cost and services.  If you are living close to us, we will use our own trucks to do delivery and provide Free set up and allow customers to pay on delivery. 

  • Furniture Wrapping for delivery:  All furniture will be wrapped on pallet with extra protection to minimize possibility of shipping damage. This is the key. Even you get the cheapest price in the world from other seller but if they don't properly wrap your furniture, the chances for furniture getting damaged on shipping is about 60% and all good deal will become nightmare.

  • Product Flexibility:  We are able to custom making furniture for you and deliver furniture in about 6 - 8 weeks.

  • Warranty:  We offer One Year manufacture warranty against manufacture defeat.

  • Showrooms:  The reason we mention showrooms here is to tell you that we are not an online furniture store to sell furniture through suppliers without even seeing these furniture in person. Right now we have 5 showrooms in Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, Ottawa, Markham, ON and we are planing to open showrooms in Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver later on.

  • Negotiable Price: We will offer discount if you order a package deal. We are human beings dealing with human beings. We will try our best to provide you the best price to cover you shipping, products and tax.

  • Package Deal:  If you order more items, we will offer you more package discounts plus Free shipping. Contact us for details.

Why should you buy from us rather than the online dealers in US?

  • Duty Tax:  You will need to pay 10% duty tax if you import from US to Canada so your actual cost is 10% more.

  • Shipping Timing:  Most of online websites in US are buying from suppliers and they have no control for delivery lead time. Once you place the order, it may take 8 -12 weeks for shipping.  We own our factory so what ever timing we quote you will be more accurate. 

  • Unclear Descriptions on products: The exact same couch can be made in different materials. Lots of sellers are stating the couches are made in Top Grain Leather so customers assume couches are made in 100% FULL LEATHER but customers actually receive couches in Leather Match ( Front Area where ever touches skin are leather, side and back are not leather. ) We will tell the truth in our description. If the couch is in Full Leather, then it is Full Leather.

  • Best Value: Because we own our factory, our prices should be very competitive in the market. One thing you have to keep in mind, we offer Free shipping in Canada which means we will give you 600$ - 1000$ discount on shipping. We will pay extra money to double wrap your furniture on pallet before shipping to minimize the chance for shipping damage. If you buy more, we will offer you package discount to save you more money.

  • Shipping Cost: Shipping from US to Canada is very costly because furniture has to be delivered across the border. Fuel surcharge is much more than in US. Our prices at mostly cover the shipping cost already so there are no headaches to customers.

  • Customer Service afterwards:  It will be a nightmare to do customer service dispute with retailers in US because of different laws and policies. We guarantee we will offer reasonable care to all customers.   

Final Words:  We believe you will pay what you get. If someone will sell you a diamond for 200$, you will have to think about it because too good to be true. Even though our purpose to do business is to make money but we are customers as well and we understand how important customer service is. Again we are real people and we would like to deal with real people. By buying from us, you will get best price, minimum shipping cost and our dedication to make you satisfied.

Shipping Related Questions  
1. Will you ship by your own trucks or use third party freight company?
Answer:  Our warehouse is based in Mississauga, ON. We will use our own trucks when delivering to an address which we can come back in the same day .e.g. Ottawa, Montreal, Sudbury, Windsor, London, Waterloo, Hamilton, etc ( Most of cities in Ontario and Quebec ) For the cities outside of ON and QC or the order amount less than our minimum order requirement, then we will use third party delivery company to deliver.
2. If you deliver by using your own truck, what service will I expect to have?
Answer:  If we agree to deliver by using our own trucks, then we will provide Premium White Glove Service. Service includes delivering into specific rooms, unpack the packages and providing Free installation. ( Note: We do have a "Minimum Order Amount" requirement when delivering by using our own trucks. The actual requirement depends on how much you will buy and what you will buy. Please contact us for details.
3. If you deliver by using third party truck, what service will I expect to have?
Answer: For this case, you probably live in long distance cities such as Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, etc or your order amount is less than our minimum order requirement. When the truck arrives, they can only ship to ground floor normally refers to your garage or drive way, then you need to have people ready to move up to your rooms. In most cases, if you agree to pay extra, then delivery persons will move the furniture to your room. The actual rate depends on how many pieces and how many stairs they will need to handle.  
4.  How much will you charge for delivery?
Answer:  FREE if your purchasing amount is larger than 2000$. ( This price will only cover to your grand floor such as garage or drive way. To move inside of rooms, shipping company will charge extra for that. )

If  your purchasing amount is less than 2000$, please contact us for delivery rate. We will try to cover your shipping cost as much as possible.

If we decide to deliver by using our own truck, then we charge $ 200 flat rate for Premium White Glove Service. For customers live in GTA area, Waterloo, Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener, please contact us for shipping rate.

Note: The actual shipping cost may be more than $ 800 from Toronto to your place .e.g. Calgary but we will pay most of that for you to appreciate your business and make you feel worth to order from us.  

5.  How long will it take to deliver?
Answers: If the products are in stock and delivery and payment arrangement has been made between customers and us, it will take 3 - 5 business days to deliver. If customer orders something we are not in stock or custom items, it will take 6 - 8 weeks to deliver. We will update with customers case by case and make sure all customers will know in advance in terms of shipping time and other information. One simple rule here is No Lies.
6. How will you wrap and protect the furniture from damage in shipping?
Answer:  All orders for long distance will do double wrapping on pallets with extra protect. Because we deliver furniture to Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal, Halifax on daily basis, we will pay extra attention and money to wrap the furniture and make shipping damage as minimum as possible.
Product Related Questions
1. If I receive a defective product, what shall I do?
Answer: Please send an email to our customer service department along with a picture to prove the damage. Our customer service staff will contact you to give you solutions. Normally for any long distance orders, we will double check before we shop out but in case there is a problem happening, we promise we will do the right thing. All damages and problems must be reported to us by email in 72 hours after delivery. Our principle to handle customer service issues is we will stand in Customer's shoes to view the case. The very fist question jumps into our mind when we handle customer service issues is if I am the customer and I bought something which has a problem like this, will I accept it? If I don't,  then my customers will not too. We are human beings who dealing with human beings. We won't give you BS and excuses to escape from problems but offer you reasonable cares.   Please go to Contact Page to send us an email.
2.  Is there any warranty?
Answers: We offer 1 year limited warranty to against manufacture defeats. We reserve the rights to determine whether it is manufacture defeat or not. One thing we would like to promise here is we will do our best to make sure all customers receive reasonable cares basing on common senses. Your satisfaction is our goal. Warranty will be applied for home furniture not for commercial uses. For leather products, GH Furniture Furniture provides Limited Manufacture Warranty for one year. Leather is a natural product, and, as such, each hide will reflect its own individuality. Some variations of shade and tone are to be expected as are the nicks, scratches, and wrinkles that only occur in genuine leather; these characteristics are in no way to be considered a defect. There is no warranty for Vinyl.
3.  Are you able to custom making any furniture?
Answers: Actually customization is one of our strength. We specialize in Sofa, Modern Bedroom and other modern furniture. Please send us an image, we will be able to tell you the details.
Other Common Questions:
1.  Do you carry other furniture other than the furniture in this website?
Answer:  Yes, if you can specifically tell us what you are looking for, we will be very happy to find you the products. For details, Please go to Contact Page to send us an email.
2.   What is your Return and Refund Policy?
Answer: All custom orders are final. No Return and No exchange. All regular stock items must be unused and in original package. Customer will be responsible for both inbound and outbound shipping cost plus 30% restock fees. ( Customers can use our shipping partner or other shipping companies to do the shipping but shipping arrangement must be arranged and paid by customers and we have the right to check and reject the return furniture if it is used or damaged or not in original packages. )  Once the order is placed and processed, all sales are final.
3.   Explanation about up to 30% discount and our discount system:
Answers:  First of all, the discount rate is UP TO 30% not 30% exactly. The discount percentage depends on two factors:  1. How many items will you order?  2. Where are you located? For the same items, if one customer lives in Calgary and another customer lives in Vancouver, then the discount ratio is very different because the shipping cost we need to cover is different. Our Discount Percentage Includes the shipping cost. No matter what someone will need to cover this shipping cost and if we decide to cover for you, then this amount will need to be deducted from total discount.

For example, if customer who lives in Calgary wants to buy 1 bedroom set, 1 sofa set and 1 dining table set, total amount are 6000$. The total shipping cost is 800$. And we agree to give him 20% discount, then the calculation is 6000$ - 20% = 4800$ plus 800$ ( shipping cost ) =5600 $. ( In this case, 5600$ plus 5% AB tax will be his final deal. )

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