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 Modern Furniture Stores in Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Scarborough, Burlington, Oakville, Montreal, Ottawa, Gatineau, Ontario, Canada

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Head Office
GTA Location
Calgary, AB
Winnipeg, MB
Montreal, QC
London, ON
Hamilton, ON
Burlington, ON
Windsor, ON
Ottawa, ON
Kitchener, ON
Waterloo, ON
Guelph, ON
Oakville, ON
Regina, SK
Vancouver, BC
Edmonton, AB
Saskatoon, SK
Halifax, NS
Barrie, ON
Victoria, BC
Kingston, ON
Mississauga, ON

Business Hour:

Mon - Sat  10am - 8pm

  Sunday    10am - 6pm

Furniture Stores in Toronto, GTA
TEL :    1-647-448-8961
Function :    Showrooms
ADDRESS :    Click here for address
Details:    Please visit our showrooms. Showroom address: Click here for address

Mississauga Location

1580 Trinity Drive
Mississauga, ON
Between Dixie and Trinity Drive
Tel: 1-905-565-91-91

Toronto Location

44b Dufflaw Road
Toronto, ON
Between Dufferin and Lawrence

Markham Location

455 Steelcase Road E
Markham, ON
Between Steelcase and Esna Park
Tel: 1-905-513-86-88

Clearnce Location

44b Dufflaw Road
Toronto, ON
Between Dufferin and Lawrence

Modern Furniture Collections in GTA Location

sectionals GTA Location

bedroom furniture
Modern Sofa Section Sectional Sofa Section Modern Beds Section
dining tables

tv stands GTA Location

coffee tables
Dining Room Section TV stands Section Coffee Tables Section

Note:   Thanks to visit Furniture Stores in Toronto, GTA. GH Modern Furniture sells modern home furniture in GTA Location. We provide shipping service and pick up service in GTA Location. If you want to send us an image about the furniture you want to custom made or an image to prove customer service claim, please send us an email otherwise you can leave us a message and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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modern Furniture Stores in Toronto, GTA


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